Bridal Gloves

White Bridal Gloves - Designed for Love, Crafted for Perfection

Embrace the epitome of bridal grace with LadyFinch's divine collection of white bridal gloves.

  • Embrace Your Inner Duchess: Taking a page from our dearest Duchess of Cambridge's guidebook, bridal gloves sprinkle royal charm into your wedding ensemble.
  • Spotlight on the Ring: Bridal gloves serve as a divine canvas, highlighting the dazzling wedding ring - indeed, the star of the day.
  • Vintage Allure: Bridal gloves paint a picture of classic elegance, a chic nod to the grandeur of the past. Vintage enthusiasts, it's time to celebrate your day the Gatsby Way.

Discover your ‘happily ever after’ pair and let your hands narrate an enchanting tale on your wedding day.

Bride in white feather dress wearing white tulle bridal wedding gloves.

The Bridal Glove Collection

LadyFinch's bridal gloves collection weaves a magical realm of sophistication and beauty, where each glove becomes a cherished wedding day memory. Marvel at gloves that embody gracefulness, perfected with meticulous attention to detail to exalt the bride you deserve to be. Embark on Your Everlasting Fairytale with LadyFinch Bridal Glove Collection.

Sophisticated White Wedding Glove Styles

Step out of the ordinary and embrace elegance with our white glove styles. With sleek contours and polished finishes, our gloves are the epitome of sophistication, leaving you voguish and ready to make a bold statement.

Premium fabric for a perfect fit

Crafted with passion, our gloves envelop the very essence of luxury. Experience a perfect fit couched in the finest of fabrics, lending comfort that merges effortlessly with style. It's high time your hands revel in the embrace of our premier material.

Forever White with EAsy Cleaning

Our machine-wash gloves are designed for practicality and ease of cleaning, ensuring a forever fresh and brilliant white, preserving your pair's elegance for countless soirees to come. Fashionably fabulous, indeed!

Two brides in white dress and white bridal gloves sitting near gold piano.
Woman wearing white tool, polkadot, wrist, length gloves

THE GEORGIA - White Polka Dot Tulle Gloves


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Women's hand wearing tulle white glove with ruched cuff

THE LIZZIE - Ruched White Tulle Gloves


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Ladyfinch Bridal Glove Collection: Where Elegance Meets Enchantment

Welcome to the exclusive Ladyfinch Bridal Glove Collection, where tradition waltzes with modernism, and nobility is woven with contemporary finesse. As a bride, you deserve accessories that are as unique and beautiful as your love story. Our collection is an ode to brides who wish to infuse their wedding attire with a touch of grace and a whisper of yesteryear charm.

Exquisitely Bespoke, Stunningly Tulle

Our bespoke selection of four enchanting white tulle bridal gloves is fashionably inspired by historical elegance. Each glove is a masterpiece of creativity, meticulously made to order by our Emmy-nominated designer. Indulge in the intricate and unique bridal designs, expertly crafted with premium quality sheer tulle that graces your hands with a soft, gentle caress.

Every Bride's Dream, Each Glove's Promise

From the soft, dainty wrist-length to the elegant embrace of the elbow-length, our collection caters to every bride's personal taste. We understand that your wedding gloves should harmonize with your gown - that's why our collection is designed with versatility in mind, offering a refined complement to any style of wedding dress.

A Tribute to the Classics, A Nod to the Future

The allure of our classic white fabric gloves now extends to our bridal assemblage, representing pure elegance refined through time. Our range celebrates romance, from subtle wrist-length to dramatic over-the-elbow opera gloves. Praised for their luxurious comfort, these gloves are esteemed for their practicality as well, being completely machine washable for easy care.

For the bride seeking modern practicality, our gloves feature an optional touch-screen-friendly index fingertip, allowing you to capture every moment and connect, without ever needing to compromise your impeccable style.

A Canvas of Love, A Craft of Passion

Our designs echo the grandeur of the Gatsby era yet are tailored for the contemporary bride. Ladyfinch gloves are not mere accessories; they represent a canvas adorned with exceptional craftsmanship, designed to highlight the gleam of your wedding ring and to underscore the majesty of your commitment.

Begin Your Story with Ladyfinch

As you step forward into a new chapter of your life, let your hands narrate a tale of beautiful love and commitment with Ladyfinch. Our Bridal Glove Collection awaits to be a part of your special day, to add that final touch of grandeur and beauty to your radiant presence.

Discover your perfect pair and infuse your wedding day with the essence of sophistication and magic, only with Ladyfinch – where every glove is as unique as the hand it graces.