THE SUNNY | Opera Length Women's Gloves

The Sunny from Ladyfinch

The SUNNY women's gloves boast an elegant opera style — your go-to for exclusive soirées and A-list moments. These opera-style gems blend luxe flex material with touchscreen-friendly tips, keeping you connected and fabulous, darling!

Perfect Opera Style for Elegant Events

The SUNNY glove from Ladyfnch is the epitome of elegance, with its over-the-elbow length making it an ideal choice for debutantes, quinceaneras, and red carpet events. Its graceful opera style ensures you shine in every elegant gathering.

Premium Flex Material for Customized Comfort

Crafted from premium flex material, the SUNNY glove ensures tailored comfort and easy care. This excellent component guarantees perfect sizing and remarkable durability, promising a glove that beautifully stands the test of time and frequent use.

Technology Friendly for On-the-Go Connections

The SUNNY glove doesn't compromise on modern necessities, offering a technology-friendly finger option. This smart feature allows easy interaction with touchscreen devices, ensuring uninterrupted digital connectivity wherever you are.

Bride in modern dress wearing opera black long gloves.
Black velvet opera gloves over the elbow.

THE SUNNY - Black Velvet Opera Gloves


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