Women's Opera Gloves - Over the Elbow Length

Experience opulence at its finest with our extravagant opera gloves – the ultimate accessory for unforgettable celebrations and high-class affairs.

Opera Gloves: Timeless Elegance and Modern Sophistication Blend Beautifully

Crafted from premium materials, our gloves create an uninterruptedly elegant line. Our attention to detail ensures the ultimate comfort and style blend.

Each glove is carefully hemmed by skilled artisans, adhering to the highest craftsmanship standards. They complement any outfit, from ballgowns and cocktail dresses to chic casual wear.

Over-The-Elbow Classic

Opera gloves are a timeless accessory that cascades over your arm, creating an elegant line. Over-the-elbow gloves are much like the perfect sparkling pendant; subtle, yet impactful. Ensuring you're always effortlessly chic, Opera glvoes add the finishing touch.

Forever On-Trend

Slip into our opera gloves, and you slide into an accessory that's more than just a hand's best friend - it's a symbol of style that transcends time. So, whether you're channeling vintage charm or modern sophistication, our gloves keep you stylishly in sync with the times.

A Fashion Symbol For The Ages

The beauty of true fashion sensations lie in their timeless relevance, and our Opera Gloves are no exception. They've metamorphosed into an emblem of eras gone by, an iconic symbol steeped in fashion history.

Women's Opera Gloves

Our gloves are more than just pretty; they're the accessory elevating looks from appealing to stunning. They boost any attire, dishing out classic charm. Worn traditionally for formal evenings, they also lift casual wear to new stylish heights!

Bride in modern dress wearing opera black long gloves.
Black velvet opera gloves over the elbow.

THE SUNNY - Black Velvet Opera Gloves


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Ladyfinch's THE SUNNY Opera Gloves: Premier Elegance at Your Fingertips

Embrace the timeless elegance of Opera gloves with Ladyfinch's exclusive, THE SUNNY collection. Infusing traditional style with a modern twist, our Opera gloves are the epitome of luxury, premium comfort, and seamless functionality. THE SUNNY Opera gloves are the definition of 'One size fits most' with their perfect fit, expert tailoring, and irresistible array of premium fabrics.

Premium Fabrics, Perfected Tailoring

Our Opera gloves are constructed in the heart of NYC's garment district, promising top-notch quality and meticulous attention to detail. They are available in two luxurious fabric options to choose from:

  1. The Premium Polyester and Spandex mix: It is irresistibly smooth, offers a slight stretch for that snug fit and maximum comfort.
  2. The Luxurious Black Velvet: A rich, soft, and plush fabric that feels decadently gentle on your skin.

A Statement Accessory for Any Occasions

THE SUNNY Opera gloves are more than just a high-class accessory; they are the perfect finish, elevating your any time outfit to a stylish ensemble.

  • The White SUNNY gloves: Just perfect for bridal occasions, Debutante events, Quinceañera celebrations, or elegant evening affairs.

  • The Black SUNNY gloves: Made glamorous with its fabric and spandex blend as worn by celebrity Naomi Watts, these gloves ensure a luxe finish to your evening fashion look.

  • The Deep Blue SUNNY gloves: Add a hint of rich color to your outfit with our captivating blue opera gloves.

Remarkable Functionality and Easy Maintenance

In addition to sun protection and warmth, our Opera gloves offer unmatched flexibility and functionality. The fabric SUNNY gloves come with an optional tech-friendly fingertip, letting you stay digitally connected without having to remove your gloves. Moreover, our fabric gloves are machine washable and easy to maintain, meaning they look as amazing on the tenth wear as they did on the first.

Welcome to the Ladyfinch saga of elegance – with THE SUNNY Opera gloves, elevate your style and add a touch of sophistication to your personality. Embrace the perfect blend of form and function, so your hands tell stories of charm, elegance, and timeless fashion. Explore THE SUNNY collection today and let your hands do the talking.