THE STEPHANIE | Elbow Length Women's Gloves

The Stephanie from Ladyfinch

Introducing the ultra-glam STEPHANIE gloves — your ticket to turning heads & breaking hearts. Luxurious elbow-length with dreamy ruching, these tech-friendly gems are perfect for shining like a star at every event, darling!

Embrace Upscale Elegance with Elbow Length

The STEPHANIE gloves by Ladyfnch are the ultimate elbow-length gloves for upscale soirées and VIP events! Ensure a glam look with ultra-ruched detailing that'll make you feel like a Hollywood starlet.

Premium Flex Material Meets Style and Care

Luxury has met its match with the STEPHANIE gloves' premium flex material! Effortlessly breeze through sizing and maintenance with this divine fabric that not only looks stunning but keeps you polished and hassle-free, too.

Tech-Savvy Fingers for Effortless Chic

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